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Lizzium Woods, with Mt. Lizzium and Grape Tower in the distance.

Lizzium Woods is a wooded area located to the north of the main road. While it is officially owned by W7, it is considered neutral ground due to its close proximity to many other companies, allowing anyone to explore it. However, other companies are not allowed to begin mining operations in the area without approval by W7.

The Lizzium Woods is an access point to the Lizzium Highlands and the Holy Tree Divinia, with the Woods being the latter's only access point. 


The Lizzium Woods used to be much larger in size in the past, but a significant amount of it was deforested and mined. The resources gained were used to establish Lizzium Village

Lizzium was first discovered within the woods, but at very low quantities. Despite the low amount of Lizzium mined, it provided W7 enough money to heavily research the properties of Lizzium that would allow its uses to be heavily expanded.

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