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Lizzium Village

Surrounded by mountains, Lizzium Village is a tucked away settlement home to a handful of homes. It is a village that has existed for a century and they live off the land. The community is very close and regularly help each other with problems.

The village has no issue with the developments outside of their peaceful home as long as it doesn't change their way of life. The village is legally under the ownership of W7, but W7 does not interfere with village affairs unless their way of life is threatened by outside companies.


Lizzium Village was formed by W7 miners a hundred years ago. While the higher ups lived elsewhere, the miners and lower officials of the company established a mining village while they worked within the Lizzium Mines. These miners would grow attached to the village even after mining operations had finished and W7 had left the area, inevitably making the decision to retire and live in the village permanently. 

W7 returned to the village almost a hundred years later, asking the current generation of the village for permission to use the mines. The village agreed to this request in exchange for the company vowing to protect them. 

Every person living in Lizzium Village to this day is a descendant of the miners. W7 considers the village a treasure of the company and will not tolerate the village being harassed by other companies in the region.

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